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Our Booking Response Hours are between 10AM and 6PM.
If you book in middle of night for a morning appointment, it's unlikely that we can accommodate (ie don't book in at 3AM and rock in at 10AM lol)

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(Prices below are total INCLUDING tax & service)


ASMR Head Massage
(Anti Stress Massage Relaxation)

asmr 2024.jpg

30 Min Seated Face, Scalp, Skull, Neck, & Shoulder Massage
ASMR is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the face and scalp then progressively moves down the neck and upper spine. Many describe it as “low grade euphoria.”  


Would you like to include a 30 minute ASMR Face, Scalp, Skull, Neck, & Shoulder Massage for Rp 140,000
Additional in chair services for the perfect Bali Barber Visit (Prices below are total INCLUDING tax and service)
Bali Barber Spa Services Find out why our spa services are top ranked on TripAdvisor ​- We are NOT a Bali happy ending kind of place so please treat our spa team with respect during your session.​ (Prices below are total INCLUDING tax and service)
Men's Waxing ​Guy's, we are Bali's place for professional hassle free male waxing. We have lots of first timers in and a regular following of highly satisfied male waxing clients. No need to be shy. (Prices below are total INCLUDING tax and service)
Do you agree to notify us if you can't make your booking?

Not showing up for a booked appointment is not cool.

Please be a gentleman and treat us as you would your barber back home.

We are typically a busy shop so if you're late for more than fifteen minutes, we can't hold your booking but will prioritize late booked clients to the best of our ability once they arrive. No drama please if you're late - traffic is a part of life in Bali, please plan accordingly. 

For best results, please bring a photograph of the hairstyle you would like to achieve

​خدمة بالي العربية للحلاقة

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