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Bali Barber Kids Cuts
- Teach Them Young -

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Teach them young that real men go to real barbershops for proper haircuts. It's good for young men to understand the importance of proper grooming and the great feeling that comes from a haircut that looks perfect on you. 

Kids haircuts are a big part of what we're about. The barbershop is where young men learn to be men and we take their cuts very seriously, just as seriously as adult cuts if not more so. We're honored to have been the barbershop of choice for so many boys and young men growing up in Bali.

If you're looking for things to do with children in Bali, a men's barbershop is also perfect for young men to spend time with their father's in a space that's comfortable for men and to learn how to bhave in a barbershop. Our barbers are quite patient and we're very family friendly as well as hygenic. We are honored to have so many toddlers in for their first haircuts as well as families enjoying a visit to the barbershop together is always a fun time and a great opportunity for family photos together.

Unsupervised children will be given the cuts they request and a double espresso. 

Ask about our Hair Art, the boys love a bit of detail on their holiday haircuts! 

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