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Groomsmen Barber 

🎩 Exclusive Groomsmen Service: Bali Barber offers the only choice for groomsmen's grooming in Bali.

🤵 Masculine Touch: We've been adding a distinctive masculine touch to Bali weddings since 2012.

🪑 Barber Arrangement: Our Mobile Groomsmen Barber Service includes a barber chair, English-speaking master barber(s), and a support crew for quick setup at your wedding venue.

📷 Photographer's Favorite: Having the groom and groomsmen attended to in a traditional barber setting is a favorite of wedding photographers, capturing candid and relaxed moments as they prepare for the ceremony.

📸 Picture-Perfect Moments: Ensure that your wedding photos are picture-perfect by having your groomsmen groomed and looking their best.

💇‍♂️ Barber Pop-Up: Book our pop-up barber service for five people or more to guarantee a stylish and coordinated look for the entire groomsmen party.

🌟 Celebrity and VIP Service: For celebrity and VIP barber service, please book directly to experience our premium grooming services.

Make your wedding day truly memorable with Bali Barber's Mobile Groomsmen Barber Service. We're here to ensure that every detail, even the groomsmen's grooming, is perfect.

When planning your Bali Wedding, you will have countless choices for Wedding Planners, Venues, Photographers, Caterers, and Professional Hair and Make Up Artists but there is only one choice for the Groomsmen and that is Bali Barber Mobile Groomsmen Barber Service.

Bali Barber has been providing a distinctive masculine touch to weddings in Bali since 2012. We deliver a proper barber arrangement to your venue inclusive of Barber Chair, English Speaking Master Barber(s), and support crew to set up quickly. 

Having the men attended to in such a traditional setting is a wedding photographer favorite and a fantastic way to photograph the men in a relaxed setting as they get ready for the ceremony. 

Wedding photos last forever. We've all seen wedding photos where the Bride and Bridesmaids are stunning but the groomsmen are a disheveled mess. Don't let that happen to your wedding and be sure to book pop up barber service by Bali Barber.

Our pop up service is for five people or more.


Celebrity and VIP Barber Service please book directly.

Bali Barber Groomsmen Quotation Request 

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