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50 Best Short Haircuts for Men

When it comes to hair, men are generally less high maintenance than women. The man bun is slowly becoming less popular, and the shorter hair is making a comeback once again.

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That doesn’t mean that they can’t opt for a style that suits their features, lifestyle, or personality. Opting for a short hairstyle is often more out of convenience. Most men simply do not have the patience to deal with many hair products and the time it requires for complicated hairstyles.

In general, men have considerably fewer products on their vanity than women, but the must-haves are a good shampoo and conditioner, pomade, hair gel, and maybe some hair growth capsules if they want thicker hair

Short Haircut Tips

Here’s a quick guide to what you need to style your newly acquired hairdo:

Keep in mind the amount of time you are willing to spend each day on styling. If you have to get up super early in the morning and dash out the door, you probably don’t have twenty minutes to spare in case your hair decides to be difficult that particular day.

Some cuts require you to keep regular appointments at the barber. If you’re not disciplined about that, opt for easy upkeep. Especially in these uncertain times, when barbers might be unavailable due to current lockdowns.

Do you have a job that requires you to have a certain structured clean-cut style, or are you a freelancer that loves to play with different messier looks?

Is your hair thin or you’re one of those lucky ones that were blessed with thicker locks? That will certainly have an impact on the type of look you’re going for, so try to be realistic. Go with what works for you.

For example, shorter cuts disguise thinning or fine hair and give them the impression of more volume. On the other hand, when you already have thick hair and don’t need help with extra volume, you can go for the shorter sides and back, longer on the top cut in order to highlight your mane.

Best Short Hairstyles for Men

On the same note, your face shape should be taken into consideration. The square shape, with the angular jawline and wide cheekbones, will look better with the military cut or the buzz cut to highlight those features.

Just like for women, the oval shape is the more versatile of the bunch and offers you freedom. Pretty much any cut works, you really have to go with your preference.

Round faces need to create the appearance of length with longer hair on top. If you like, the no-fuss messy style would work perfectly and gives you the freedom to change it up when you need to.

Triangular faces are the opposite: a little shorter on top and more volume on the sides. The diamond shape has stronger cheekbones and a smaller upper head, so a good fringe and a shorter cut balance everything out.

The majority of the male population prefers the shorter hairstyle, which is not only easy to maintain but has been around for centuries. Throughout history, the military-style cut was popular, and in some instances, actually imposed because of military service. Even in Roman times, the gladiators started cutting their hair so the enemy would not pull on their hair and cut their throats. Yikes!

We’ve come a long way since then, but for quick and easy maintenance, the style remained very popular. At least we should be grateful that the tools used to cut and shape hair have changed too, so hairstylists can get creative and play around with the different options at their disposal.

We’ve made a special list for you, showcasing some of the best popular short haircuts for men to try out in 2021. Check it out!

50. Classic Pompadour

If you’re an old-fashioned type of dude with great texture, this hairstyle might suit you just fine. Works well for the office too, so you can get creative with the styling options you can pull off.

49. Slicked Back Undercut

Trendy and quite easy to pull off, works better for a younger guy who likes to take time when getting ready. If you want it to last all day you need to apply more product in the morning. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

48. High-Top Fade

If you want to add the impression of height and you have thicker hair, this hairstyle is for you. It does add a couple of inches to the shorter guys out there, and it can be a variation of the Faux-Hawk.

47. Ombre Curls

A transition in tone and a soft grading on the side make this a nice option for the curly-haired men. Similar to the longer hair version of Ombre that is also for thicker textured hair.

46. Induction Cut

This is probably as close to the bald shaved head as you can get. Traditionally used on army recruits, a very low maintenance hairstyle for any type of hair.

45. Buzz Cut

Another very short hairstyle that requires minimal maintenance, perfect for the guys who own their own clippers and do not need to schedule a barbershop appointment.

44. Buzz Cut with Shaved Design

For the men who love to show off their creativity and have a good barber, this style is a different take on the popular buzz cut. Requires a bit more maintenance than the regular buzz cut. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

43. Classic Side Part

As the name suggests, the classic cut that parts on either side of the head. One of the rare hairstyles that survived the test of time, it is one of the most versatile styles available.

42. Textured Crop

A versatile style, it works great for wavy or curly hair, but it suits most face shapes. Neat and low-maintenance, ideal for the guys that don’t like too much fuss in the morning.

41. Round Scissor Crop

For sure you need to go to an experimented barber to achieve this look. The high skin fade on the sides and the roundness on top shows off a daring style.

40. Faded Line-Ups

For the more hip look cut the top really short. The faded sides and line ups can be achieved with the size 1 clippers, just ask your experienced barber.

39. Buzz Cut with Line-Up

Yet another variation of the buzz cut, the little extra hair on top is suitable for curly hair. The sides are kept neat with a low fade. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

38. French Crop with Textured Fringe

The clean drop fade gives this an interesting take on the french crop. Spike out the longer hair on top for the desired punk look.

37. Designer Braids

In order to achieve this look, your hair has to have some texture and length to it, but the end result can vary from person to person. For the creative types that want little upkeep.

36. Hard Part

The Hard Part or the Dapper Side Part has a well-defined line that shows where the hair is parted. Higher maintenance requires frequent barbershop visits. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

35. Fade With Spiky Top

Better suited for thinning hair, it adds much-needed texture and volume. The fade hairstyle and the short spikes make this a youthful look.

34. Messy French Crop

If you have very straight hair, this style will work very well for you. Suitable for younger guys that are going for the ‘just got out of bed’ look.

33. Classic Caesar Cut

A no-fuss hairstyle that requires little maintenance. Named after emperor Julius Caesar, he used to pull his hair forward to create a short fringe. A great choice for balding men.

32. High and Tight

A cut that sits somewhere between a buzz cut and a crew cut, the sides are fading and really short, with a longer top crown. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

31. Faded Designed Neckline

The neckline is accentuated here with neat detail. The top is kept casual and pretty ordinary, but barbers get creative when designing the tapered neckline.

30. Fade Ivy League

A more trendy take on the traditional Ivy hairstyle, the faded sides create a stylish twist to a more classic cut. Suits well the round or square-shaped faces.

29. Buzzed Down Crop

The shorter version of the crop cut, the subtle fade creates some depth by elevating the super short top. A no-fuss yet classy look. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

28. Wavy Short Quiff

When you need to add some texture to hair that is in between medium and short, this style is perfect. Easy to maintain until you can make that trip to the barbershop!

27. Low Fade Crop Top

A play on the regular line-up, this low fade is super short on the sides and a bit longer on top. The emphasis on this hairstyle is the design, which creates an interesting look. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

26. French Crop and Lineup

Here is another hairstyle that has a strong lineup. The french crop is shorter here, and there is no fringe. If you opt for longer hair on top it will create a totally different look, so a versatile cut.

25. Medium Fade with Neat Brush Up

A cut that is symmetrical and very neat, it works well for the guys that are blessed with great volume. Even if it outgrows a bit it will still keep nicely.

24. Medium Fade and Short Textured Crop

The textured crop here is great for someone who loves to change things up. You can have the sides very short, add a line-up and it changes the look for variety.

23. Side Brush Up and Taper Fade

The longer variation on the quiff is suitable for a younger demographic. It is easy to maintain, and it is versatile as well as trendy. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

22. Side Part Fade

This style is timeless, and you can pull it off in any social situation. Suitable for all ages as well, it is quite easy upkeep, but in order to keep the sides short you need to visit your barber on a regular basis.

21. Tousled Overgrown Ivy

The tousled look, paired with a little facial hair is the perfect combination. It is short but not too much, and the slightly longer top gives it its personality. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

20. Tousled Hair with Drop Fade

The messy, slightly curly top makes this cut youthful and stylish. The drop fade on the sides give it some structure for a finished trendy look. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

19. Line Up Low Fade and Slit

The interesting high fade of this cut and the extra thick of the line up make this a unique style which a more youthful man enjoys. You can keep it really short, but looks good with slightly longer hair as well.

18. Faded Dye with Sharp Line Up

Not a traditional look, you will surely get noticed with this hairstyle. The clear defined lines, the solid fade on the sides and the play on colour are what makes this cut different from the others.

17. Side Brushed Textures

We’re not going to lie. In order to achieve this look you need to use some products and work a little, but it should be worth your while. The cut provides lots of texture to thicker hair.

16. Classic Taper

This is a simple no fuss hairstyle suitable to pretty much anyone. The top is swept to either side you prefer and the sides are tapered. That’s as simple as it gets.

15. Side Brush Up with Fade

For the fashionable men, this hairstyle delivers lots of personality. A brush up that gives some texture and motion to your hair, you can play with it and make it your own.

14. Sleek Skin Fade

This hairstyle is suitable for thicker hair.If you prefer to keep your hair short but with some texture, the undercut fade will make you very happy. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

13. Classic Short with High Fade

If you want something trendy but don’t like spending time styling your hair, this is a good option. Works well for the shorter guys too, because it adds a couple of inches depending on your texture and length.

12. Simple Top with Skin Faded Sides

When you’re looking to make a statement with your hair, this is a great choice. Very short on the sides with a well-defined top line, it gives an appearance of a two-toned head of hair. No styling required.

11. Hipster style

If you want this look, make sure you keep at least three inches on top to achieve the pomp that is what makes this style what it is. The sides can be as short as you like. Works well for straight or wavy hair. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

10. Side Swept

Full length side bangs and short sides are similar to a layered look, but you can brush it back for a softer look. The extra volume is not necessary for this cut, so overall a neat and clean cut.

9. Textured Style

For thicker hair, the various lengths of this cut create the impression of a slimmer head of hair. It complements well round, square or oval face shapes and offers versatility. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

8. French Crop

The cropped cut has been around for a while, but the burst of volume on top gives it a rugged look. Those with fine hair will be happy with the choice, because it gives it the extra volume they’re looking for.

7. Angular Fringe

Short tapered sides and thickness on top is what makes this cut a very popular style for younger gents. Perfect for round faces, it does work well with other shapes as well because of its versatility. An interesting look to adopt when looking for a change. For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

6. The Top Fade

A more modern look, it is still classy enough for a more professional setting. Similar to the buzz cut, the top is longer though. Allows for a lot of versatility, so you can change it up for different situations.

5. The Short Push Up

The sides are almost completely buzzed down, but the top is much longer, so it allows for variation when you’re in the mood to change things up. For the young at heart, you can express your personal style with this cut, but it does require a little effort.

4. Classic Short Style

This cut is short on the sides and the back, but the top has a bit longer hair and thickness. Easy to maintain, you can make it pretty versatile without too much effort. It suits all ages, that is why it is one of the most popular styles on our list.

3. Side Part Hairstyle

A classic, this style has been around a long time. Whether you’re young or more mature, you prefer your hair really short or like to grow it out a little, this style allows you to make it your own.

2. Crew Cut

One of the most classic styles on our list, it is stylish yet quite easy maintenance. Works very well for the square face shape and thicker hair. Your hair isn’t the same length throughout, so it allows for some room to play with different styles.

1. Ivy League

A combination of the crew cut and side part, the Ivy League has short trim sides, back, and top, but has a fringe in the front that is long enough so you can comb it to the side. Suits most ages and face shapes.

This sums up our list, for sure you will find something suitable to your taste.

For your man's haircut, you can check Bali Barber and make a book here

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