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A Top Barber Shared 8 Things Men With Fine or Thinning Hair Need to Know

Grooming expert Matty Conrad breaks down the best ways to cut and style thinning hair.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, barber and grooming expert Matty Conrad outlines eight simple rules for guys with fine or thinning hair to follow that will help guide them when it comes to cutting and styling their hair.


Learn the difference between fine and thinning hair

"Fine hair" refers to hair where the strands themselves are thin, which can make your hair look limp and lifeless. "Thinning hair" describes a situation where you actually have less hair. If you're thinning on top, Conrad advises consulting with a dermatologist.


Stop using cheap shampoo and conditioner

Abrasive, chemical-filled products can do enormous harm to your scalp. Conrad actually suggests cutting out conditioner altogether, as it can weigh your hair down, and opt for an alternative, like a moisturising hair wash. Check Hair Shop Store for shampoo and conditioner with good quality, you can WhatsApp +62 813-3896-6331 or click this link


Ensure your haircut suits your hair density

It's fairly common for guys to go for a short haircut, as this will make their hair stand up, but as Conrad explains, this can exacerbate the appearance of thinning hair. He recommends 3 to 5 inches as an optimal length on top, as this will give you enough length to blowdry and style without weighing it down.


Use the right products for you

While it can be a case of trial-and-error when it comes to finding products that work specifically for you and your hair type, Conrad broadly warns against using water-based products, styling pomades, and oil-based creams or anything else that will give your hair an oily, shiny finish.


Apply products before blowdrying

"The blowdryer will remove the excess moisture from the product, but you'll still get the benefits of the styling elements inside the product," Conrad explains. "It will also give you a dryer, more natural finish, and won't leave the hair as clumped together, which makes it look thinner."


Don't use too much product

While you might think that applying more product means you're giving your hair more hold, the truth is, more product just means more weight and moisture in your hair.


Use a blowdryer

"You should always style your hair from wet to dry," says Conrad. "The way that hairstyling works is that inside each hair shaft are carbon bonds, which give the hair its shape. These bonds break down in one of two ways; they get wet, or they get hot." He recommends setting your dryer to a medium heat with a high air flow, to maximize the movement in your hair. "Keep in mind, you only want to create volume in the front on top," he adds.


Use the cold shot button on your dryer

"Hair acts a lot like plastic," says Conrad. "When you heat it up, it gets soft and bendy. When you cool it down again, it gets rigid. Use the cold shot button and air flow to sculpt the hair into place and make sure you lock in that volume and style by adding in cool air."

article written by Philip Ellis for Mens Health

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