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The Metro Man's Pedi Trend that You Need to Know

The Metro Man's pedi trend: Although there is not much statistical data to support the increase in men getting pedicures or manicures, salon owners have reported a rise in demand from male customers. In fact, one salon even launched a “Menicure Monday” campaign to promote manicures for men.

And it's no wonder why more men are becoming interested in these grooming services. Pedicures and manicures can offer a range of benefits, such as:

A more refined and polished appearance

While basic nail grooming tools can be handy, they can't compare to the skills of a professional manicurist or nail technician. With their expertise, you can enjoy smooth, well-shaped nails that are uniform in length and free of rough edges. This subtle yet noticeable difference can enhance your appearance and give you a more polished look for important events such as job interviews or date nights.

Healthier nails, hands, and feet

Regular pedicures and manicures can help maintain healthy nails by preventing ingrown or hang nails. In addition, the exfoliating and moisturizing steps involved in these services can hydrate your skin, eliminate dead skin cells, and improve blood circulation through the massage techniques used. Men who opt for pedicures can also enjoy the removal of calluses, making it more comfortable for them to stand or walk for longer periods.

A form of self-care

In recent years, the importance of self-care has become increasingly recognized, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Engaging in self-care practices, such as getting a pedicure or manicure, is essential for maintaining overall wellbeing. These services offer an opportunity to take a break, relax, and allow someone else to pamper you for a while. What to expect when getting a manipedi.... Are you new to getting a manicure and pedicure? Whether you're a man or a woman, the experience is pretty much the same. Here's what to expect during your visit and how to make the most of it.

Start with your feet

Usually, your technician will start with your feet. They'll fill a warm foot bath for you to soak in and then use a pumice stone to remove calluses, clip and file your nails, and apply any polish you like. In some salons, you can even sit in a massage chair while you soak. Pedicures can cost as little as $12 in Bali.

Then it's time for your hands

Your technician will ask you how you want your nails shaped and how long you want to keep them. You can choose from options like "square," "rounded," or "rounded with square tips." Women can even opt for more adventurous styles like "lipstick" and "stiletto," although some salons may charge extra for those options. Your nails will be clipped, cut, and soaked. If you're getting a regular polish, it'll take about 15 to 20 minutes to dry.

What extras can you add to your manicure and pedicure?

Take your pampering session to the next level with some of these add-ons:

Pumice stone: This helps to smooth your feet and remove calluses.

Longer massages: Some salons offer longer foot massages or even short back massages for an additional fee.

Scrubs/masks: Foot scrubs and masks can contain exfoliating ingredients like vitamin C, leaving your feet feeling extra fancy.

Manicures and pedicures are no longer just for women. Professionals in the grooming and nail industries are seeing an increasing number of men interested in nail care services.

Getting a pedicure can leave your nails looking and feeling stronger and healthier, while also serving as a much-needed form of self-care. Men's pedicures are no different from what's offered to women. Everyone, regardless of gender, can get their nails polished, with or without color.

The point is to relax and enjoy the experience - turn your phone off and bring a book to read during your pedicure.

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Article by Shierley Koval

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